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The Distillery are a very charming blues trio (sometimes five piece) that can appear to be deceptively mellow at times. Please don't relax too much as these three Toronto musicians bring out the sabre tooth tiger when you least expect it. Look for their intoxicating brand of blues mania at a venue near you.

The Distillery began as a brainchild of Jordan Safer and Neil Hendry during a few discussions over beer and tea. Myrrhine “Wees” Faller joined soon after. Together they play a mixture of splendid original blues tunes and various classics old and new.

As the band takes their cues from Buddy Guy, Etta James and Koko Taylor (among many others) they attempt to respectfully flourish under these influences. If you catch them playing at a venue near you then you’ll simply leave twice the person you were before you came in. Their new EP is entitled What You Told Me and it is a very thick and useful brand of music.