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"This CD has a lot to live up to. I just saw this Toronto trio perform a dazzling set of their take on the blues just last night. So will the live show work on record? Thankfully, when you have three players that are all masters at their sound, it usually does. This CD showcases Distillery’s talents and ability to work together to create their very personal take on blues. My only complaint is that this a very short LP or long EP as the six songs comfortably breeze by. Blues music needs good playing and a personal touch to win me over and Distillery has far more touch than most, so this was a clear winner." - David Hintz, FolkWorld

"The Distillery on this disc presents almost a chamber blues as opposed to the more in-your-face larger band, but their original songs in this context are as good." - John Valenteyn, Maple Blues Newsletter



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